After 16 amazing days together in Japan, it was time for Rob and I to say goodbye again – this time for 3 and a half months. Saying goodbye is never easy when you love someone, but in my opinion it actually gets a little harder every time, probably because you have grown to love that person even more.  Now I am back in Shanghai and Im feeling a little alone, even if I still talk to Rob on skype and msn every day. We have made some really exciting plans for the future though – it looks as if I will look for a job in the Netherlands after Im done here in China, and if it all works out I can live there together with Rob! 🙂 Rob has already started to look for a new place for us to live together and it seems to be going great. Looking at over the internet is not the same as being together for real, but making plans for the future really does help.

Im starting to feel a little homesick, and things I used to laugh about really gets to me all of a sudden. Like how people won’t wait for people to get of before they push their way into the subway or how crowded it is everywhere. I am trying to stay positive and focus on what an amazing, varied and modern city Shanghai is. I am also trying to stay busy, either with my bachelor thesis and other school work or with meeting friends and go out seeing things. No matter what happens, I am going back to Europe in less than 3 months and I should make the most of my time left here in China.


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