Trip to Xi’an

(sorry guys this post is way overdue so it kind of messes with my posts being in chronolocial order. When I went to Xi’an last december I couldn’t use my blog as The Great Firewall of China prevented me to, then I kind of forgot to write it, as I had so many other things to write about – was still a great trip though so here is my post from it)

When Rob came to visit in the beginning of December, the two of us took the plane from Shanghai to Xi’an. This is one of the oldest cities in China, featuring the huge city wall, the wild goose pagodas, several ancient temples and of course the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. We only had 2 nights in Xi’an and the first day we mostly spent travelling from Shanghai and finding the hotel, so in reality we had about 1 and a half days to see the sights. The 1 full day we decided to use on seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, as they are located a bit outside of central Xi’an. When we arrived at the entrance we got attacked by multiple english speaking guides offering their services, but we got so annoyed with their aggressive selling that we turned them all down. The museum was pretty enourmus and there was 3 large halls filled with the statues that have been recovered in this area. Entering the largest hall was a breathtaking experience, simply because of the enourmos amount of statues on display.

Seeing this was one of the things I wanted to go do the most while staying in China, so it was amazing to actually be able to do so. Love having a boyfriend that also likes to travel and want to see the same things as me. The detail of every single statue is pretty great and it makes me wonder how much time was spent making them all, probably a lot.

The other half a day we had in Xi’an, Rob and I went to see the big Wild Goose Pagoda, which was also great, but paled a bit compared to the Terra Cotta army 🙂 It was still nice to see though,


2 responses to “Trip to Xi’an

  1. Those statues is so amazing.. I think I saw that on a Jackie Chan movie

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