“Spring” in Shanghai

You know how after the long dark winter, spring comes along to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside again? How the sun starts shining again, making everything nice and warm? Well guess what, spring in Shanghai is nothing like that. It has been raining for over a week straight now, and according to my teacher, it will keep on raining for about 2 months. That’s the spring we have to look forward to here, hehe. This makes me feel a little sad, as I really love the spring we normally have back in Oslo. Everything being gray and boring every single day doesn’t raise my spirits at all – it’s march now, where are the flowers and sunshine? Not here that’s for sure. This feels like autumn, and thats actually a little depressing, Ah well, I will get by – weather isn’t everything and hey in two months there might be a spring here as well, or possibly even a summer 🙂


2 responses to ““Spring” in Shanghai

  1. Don’t worry – spring will be coming soon in Shanghai. My colleague’s prediction is that it should rain until Tomb Sweeping Day at the beginning of April – but according to the weather forecast, next weekend may actually have some sun peeking through. Cheers!

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