Constant Change

Living in Shanghai, one can’t help notice how everything is constantly changing. This picture is taken from my window, and the progress made at this construction site is about a million times quicker than it would have been back home. A few months ago I saw a line of about 20 trucks bringing the materials in, now they seem to have built the first few floors already.I have also noticed how stores disappear every now and then, only to be replaced by new ones within weeks or sometimes even within a few days. Another example is our local supermarket – E-mart. Every few months, they will have rearranged about half the store. Yesterday me and my friend had to ask for help to find the ketchup, because it was nowhere to be found anymore. I also swear that I never saw instant pizza there before, yet now they have several different ones even. It is really impressive to see how effective the Chinese can be when they change things as well, I didn’t go to the student cafeteria for a few days – then when I got back there was a whole new section of it featuring pastry. I guess constant change is simply a part of living in Shanghai. And sometimes the change is really good, like how I can now buy instant pizza at my local store, something I have actually really missed. I guess the constantly changing nature of the city keeps things exciting, at the same time I can’t help wondering how it’s even possible for a store to completly disappear and be replaced by a new one in a matter of days. Shanghai’s skyline is changing as well, they are building a new tower even taller than the financial building. If I am to return to Shanghai in a few years, will I even be able to find my way around?


One response to “Constant Change

  1. I definitely get the change in Shanghai – and yes, you probably could find your way around – but would need a good map!

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