Back to School

School has definitely started again, I have been so stressed out lately I haven’t really had time to blog even. We got two subjects with presentations and even finals soon already, as well as the bachelor thesis. After 2 months with no lessons at all this is kind of a lot for me, but Im trying my best to complete everything I need to do and do it as good as possible. Today was actually a pretty nice day, mostly because it actually felt like a real spring da for a change. It has been raining almost every day since I got back to Shanghai, but today the sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was 14 degrees 🙂 We had a long schoolday, but luckily we also had a long break in the middle so my friends and I headed to Starbucks. Two of the guys had a scooter and an e-bike, so the rest of us obviously all wanted to get a ride. Here’s the result:

Don’t they look Chinese? Really made my day to see them all riding the scooter together ^^


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