An open letter to my girlfriend (Part 1)

Dearest Nikoline,

For a while now, you have asked me to contribute to your blog. Next week I will move in to our new appartment, where you will join me roughly six weeks later. This will give me the time to furnish, decorate and fix it up. To turn it in to a place where you can feel at home. Starting next week, I will try to keep you (and everyone else interested) up to date with the current progress of our new home and will try to include pictures.

This post will serve as a test run, but is also here because I would like to express how excited I am to start a life together with you. You are exactly what I have been looking for — that rare combination of smart, funny, together with great looks and a dazzling personality. It’s not just the generalities, either. There’s things about you that I can’t help but love and remember — the way we fit together and fill each other in while we’re travelling. You genuinely care about others and your smile can brighten an entire room full of people.

I love you.



p.s. I stumbled upon an old video I made before you left for China, before we even were together. Funny to look back:


4 responses to “An open letter to my girlfriend (Part 1)

  1. What a sweet letter, as you know I feel the same way about you 😉 Love Niko

  2. Wow, he really looks like a sweet and romantic guy. Wish my boyfriend was like that sometimes 😉 I hope you will grow happy together!!!

  3. That so cute! ^.^

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