Packing Boxes..

As I am going back to Norway in less than a month now it is time to start sending stuff home.  I already left some winter stuff with Rob, so I managed to jam everything I wanted to send into one large box. The hope now is that the rest of my stuff will fit into my suitcase and that it won’t weigh more than 30 kg. It was surprisingly easy to go to the post office in China – all of the forms are bilingual (mandarin and english) and they even had a person working that knew english (she was wearing a special ribbon and everything). Luckily I remembered to say Holland, not Norway, when they asked what country. Still doesn’t feel completely real to me that Im going to live there, hah 🙂

(Iman Irene waiting in line with our boxes :P)


One response to “Packing Boxes..

  1. LOL I didn’t even notice that you took a picture.. Ohh..

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