Quick update

Dear Nikoline,

The last few days I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the apartment, but i thought it would be nice to do a small update. This weekend the living room curtains finally arrived, so they’re hanging. On Sunday I also finished the closet holding the tv, dvd’s, books and alike. Here’s a picture of what it looks like now:

Right now there is a lot of unnecessary items in it, and it looks rather messy. But we will sort that out when you (and your things) are also here.

This evening me and a friend worked until dark to put together our wardrobe. Only the outside is completely done now, but i will start on the interior later this week. As promised 2/3 of the thing is yours, and i will use the other 3rd for my clothes. If you think you need more space for your clothes, there is room for a fourth element, so let me know 🙂

The sofa still didn’t arrive, it will most likely be delivered while we’re in Oslo, but I will figure that out later. It’s less than two weeks now until you’re homebound. I’m so excited about seeing you again, and I think everyone in Oslo (and all Europe really ;)) feels that way. I really can’t wait to meet you at the airport, just have to hold on for a little bit more. Waiting generally isn’t one the things I’m good at, but you’re someone worth waiting for.

See you soon!




One response to “Quick update

  1. Thanks honey, it all looks great 🙂

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