Graduation Day

Yesterday the last day of school finally arrived. To me this was my dissertation as well as the graduation ceremony and dinner. We all showed up at school around 9 in the morning, to listen to the last 5 bachelor group presentations (including mine). I have to admit I was more nervous than I have been for any presentation ever before. I think we did alright though, at least my classmates told me our presentation was good so that has to count for something. Iman Irene and I were both extremly relifed and happy after our presentation (we took this picture directly after)

After all of the groups were finished we had a 2 hours lunch break. Then it was time to put on our graduation gowns and head over to take a group picture in front of the Nordic centre. We all also took this time to take pictures of ourself, our friends and our bachelor groups in our gowns. I got a lot of nice ones, including these:

(trying on my gown)

(A group picture with some crazy Asian students)

(My Bachelor thesis group – Iman Irene, Cathrine Waleria and me)

(throwing my hat)

After we had all gotten the pictures we wanted, it was time to head back to the classroom for our graduation ceremony. We got our diplomas from the head of BI liasion office and the head of the International department at Fudan.

(thank you Irene for taking my picture for me)

In the evening we headed to Shanghai Memory for our graduation dinner. We were all pretty tired by now, but we did enjoy the buffet and there was a few nice toasts. I guess I am now oficially an international marketer – or am I really just oficially unemployed? I’ll choose the positive one and say International Marketer 🙂

Now all that is left of my stay here in China is to say my goodbyes, clean out the apartment and enjoy Shanghai while I still can. Back in Norway in less than a week now.


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