About to leave

In about 5 hours I am heading to Pudong International airport, Quatar and finally: Oslo. Since my plane leaves so late, I decided to head over to Xintiandi for lunch with Iman Irene. The weather was really nice and after lunch we decided to walk to Peoples Square, through Peoples Park. The park looked absolutely beautiful today, as there was a lot of flowers blooming. After a quick trip to Raffles City we took the subway home. A random guy I don’t know said I was “beautiful as Snow White” and tried to hit on me. In the end I had to push him away from me and walk away – the whole subway was on my side and sent him angry glares, so that made him back off. Now I am back in the apartment, packing the very last things.

I really hope that my suitcase won’t weigh more than the maximum 30 kilos, I had to sit on it to even close it.. but mostly theres just clothes in it really, so I think it should be ok. The next time I blog I will hopefully be back in Oslo again 🙂



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