Metric in Amsterdam

I was picturing a slow evening yesterday, until Rob texted me:

“I know it’s kind of short notice, but Metric is playing in Amsterdam tonight and there’s still tickets – want to go?”

I really like Metric, so obviously I said yes right away. When we got to the venue the warmup band, Houses, was already playing and the place was getting pretty crowded. We still found some pretty decent spots up on a balcony overlooking the stage though, so it was all good.  The concert was really great and they played a lot of my favorite songs by them, like Help Im alive, Clone and of course Synthetica. It was a good mix between old and new tracks and they both looked and sounded awesome. What really made the concert for me was still the very last bit though. They played my favorite song by them, Gimme Sympathy, but then the accoustic version 🙂 Really nice to actually get to hear Emily’s voice properly as well, since the base and electric guitar was pretty loud on the other songs. Everybody was singing along, the sound was great – simply an epic moment 🙂

Awesome concert for sure, really happy that we went even if it wasn’t planned.


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