JJ in Holland

After my parents and sister left, I had another visitor from Norway: Jeanette Josephine or just JJ 🙂 (and she brought my favorite candy too – SCORE!). Her visit was a short one, but we did have a lot of fun. Rob and I live very close to this pink building in the picture, Klokhuis from dutch children television. Seeing this house up close was the absolute highlight of the trip for JJ, and she now wants to live there.  We also had a lot of fun in Amsterdam, where we managed to visit the Heineken museum, the sex museum and take a canale cruise all in one day.

We did want to stay in the city longer, but in the early evening it all of a sudden started to rain so heavily that we had to give up and go home. The picture probably says it all:

(JJ looked like this after being out in the rain for a grand total of 2 minutes)

I had a great time with JJ while she was here 🙂 Tonight yet another visitor arrives – my brother Ludvig 🙂


2 responses to “JJ in Holland

  1. Så hun fant salt sild? Tipsa henne jeg :p

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