Random thoughts on a saturday morning

It’s saturday morning, 9 AM and I have already been up for one and a half hours.. for those of you who knows me: I know, Im as shocked as you are. I belive the reason for this new sleep pattern must be that I finally started working this week – yess! 🙂

My new job seems really nice. Im going to be a booking agent for a company called Cygnific. The company is very international with a lot of people from Europe, but also from South and North America. I will be working in a nordic team, with people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland when Im done with my training. Once I had my dutch social security number, finding a job was surprisingly easy and I just had to wait for the training to start. It feels really good to be working again, as a long summer vacation simply isn’t what Im used to after 7 summers working for Tusenfryd.

Getting up in the morning has been pretty hard, even if I still didn’t oversleep (so how on earth couldn’t I sleep now that it’s weekend?!?). When I get to the bus station, I generally see something like this:

That’s right – it’s pretty much a construction site at the moment. I don’t mind it that much though, since they are building us a new train station that is likely to cut my traveltime to work in half.

Rob is sleeping in the other room and Im honestly quite bored with this saturday so far, guess I’ll make some breakfast and then study a bit for work while I wait on the rest of the world to wake up.
Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂


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