Weekend in Oslo

Last weekend Rob, Kristel and I went to stay with my brother in Oslo. Friday evening directly after our shift was over, Kristel and I headed to Schiphol where we met Rob and had dinner. Then the trip went to OSL airport where my dad was nice enough to pick us up and drive us to my brothers place. We stayed up for a while talking to my brother about this and that, and ended up getting around 3-4 hours of sleep.

Saturday we started out with a trip to the famous Frognerparken, as this was the one thing in Oslo Kristel really wanted to see (an easy request as my brother lives right next to it). We walked around for a bit and took a lot of pictures. Lately my favorite kind of picture, is a picture of somebody jumping, so we took a lot of those:

After we were done with the funny pictures, we dropped by XXL so I could get some nice and warm winter clothes. Then the trip went to Oslo Icebar. The concept of this bar is pretty cool. Everything is made from ice, even the glasses you drink from, the temperature is minus 12 degrees, and everybody has to wear a poncho to stay warm. We had a great time there, and it was more or less empty as well since we went at 2 in the afternoon, hehe 🙂

In the evening, my brother and I invited both his friends and mine over for a small party. It ended up a little divided (probably due to the age differences) but we all had a good time.

Our sunday was dedicated to family, and we all went to my parents place for an early dinner/warm lunch. They made my favorite pasta, and they even had Julebrus so I was very happy hehe. Before we went to the airport it started snowing – so we just had to take yet another jumping-picture:

And yeah.. that was about it, wish I had more time in Oslo, but this time it was just a weekend trip – I’ll try to make it longer next time, but I did have a great time and Im very happy I got to meet so many of my friends saturday evening 🙂


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