Seen on the road in Kenya (pictures)



Seen on the Highway: A man driving a cart pulled by two donkeys


Seen in Nairobi: A furniture store by the side of the road1016397_515443558198_210177930_n

Seen on the  road: A Long distance bus1013780_515445738828_1243746578_n

Seen on the Highway: Simba Cement, King of the Concrete Jungle1005409_515443648018_1729058573_n

Seen on the Road: “Taxi Drivers” waiting for work969698_515442325668_504538986_n

Seen on the road: The owner of this building ran out of money, so never finished the upper floor. The two lower floors are in use though947119_515445838628_1509085676_n

Seen in Nairobi: A man trying to sell Globes in the middle of traffic945629_515443538238_1186207829_n

Seen On the road outside of  Masai Mara: Two Giraffes crossing the road379600_515443598118_1130355980_n

Seen on the Road: A Car Wash230064_515442350618_417091485_n

Seen on the road: A man crossing the road with his goats8492_515442165988_1694290805_n

Seen just outside Nairobi: Roadside shops7310_515445748808_1075200553_nOn the Highway: A Matutu (minibus people can buy a seat on)



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