Lake Nakuru


Lake Nakuru is famous worldwide for the hundreds of thousands of flamingos living there. We were really looking forward to seeing this bird spectacle for ourselves, but as it turns out the birds migrated to other lakes 3 years ago due to too high water levels (according to our guide in Kenya). I guess we should have looked into this more closely before deciding to spend a night in the park, but we didn’t see any reason to doubt our safari company that also advertised this on their website. This being said, the park is definitely still worth a visit. There are several other animals still living there including lions, leopards, buffalos and of course the white and the black rhino.

Rob and I only did two short gamedrives in Lake Nakuru, but we had a few really awesome moments. The highlight for me was when we ran into the rare black rhino – this one even had a baby as well!


The Black Rhino is really really shy – we noticed first hand when we got a little bit closer, they ran into the woods as quickly as they could.

We also saw a really big family of baboons – the youngest only a few weeks old


We found some lions as well, but they were very tired (look at her stretch haha)999405_515443742828_1707550068_n And here is the white rhino as well 🙂 1010641_515444127058_9699183_n


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