Carnivore – A Beast of a Feast!


If you like meat, the Carnivore is a must visit in Nairobi. Rob and I did a lunch stop here on our way from Lake Nakuru to Amboseli, and had an awesome time. As we were seated our waiter explained the “rules” of the place to us.All of the tables have a flag and as long as the flag is up the waiters will keep coming over with different types of meat for you to try. When you are too full you need to take the flag down and they will leave you alone.


In order to build up the appetite needed for all of the meat, Carnivore serve their own special cocktail called Dawa. It is made of vodka, lime and herbs. Dawa means medicine in swahili by the way, and they call the guy serving it the doctor 😛


We started out with pretty standard meat: lamb, beef, turkey etc etc. Then after a while the waiters started offering us slightly more special things. Ostrich tasted pretty good, but Ox Balls not so much – not sure why I even tried it I think I just wanted to show Rob that I dared to. They didn’t taste much but felt really strange when chewing on them. We got pretty full after a few more rounds of beef, but decided to ask wether we could try crocodile as well since we knew they had it at Carnivore and never tried before.


In my opinion, crocodile tastes like a mix between chicken and fish. Pretty cool to have tried, but not something I really have to have again. We decided to give up after finishing the crocodile and put out flag down – the waiter came over asking if it was broken or if we really were giving up.. I guess we didn’t eat as much as we thought?

Even after you give up on the meat there’s more food though, desert is also included in the menu. Luckily I have a special stomach designated for desert only though, so that’s ok 🙂 This was easily the largest lunch we had on our whole trip to Kenya, and probably the largest lunch I’ve had all year.



3 responses to “Carnivore – A Beast of a Feast!

  1. Ox balls – now that is one brave woman!!!!

  2. I love eating here….simply awesome….

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