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Carnivore – A Beast of a Feast!


If you like meat, the Carnivore is a must visit in Nairobi. Rob and I did a lunch stop here on our way from Lake Nakuru to Amboseli, and had an awesome time. As we were seated our waiter explained the “rules” of the place to us.All of the tables have a flag and as long as the flag is up the waiters will keep coming over with different types of meat for you to try. When you are too full you need to take the flag down and they will leave you alone.


In order to build up the appetite needed for all of the meat, Carnivore serve their own special cocktail called Dawa. It is made of vodka, lime and herbs. Dawa means medicine in swahili by the way, and they call the guy serving it the doctor 😛


We started out with pretty standard meat: lamb, beef, turkey etc etc. Then after a while the waiters started offering us slightly more special things. Ostrich tasted pretty good, but Ox Balls not so much – not sure why I even tried it I think I just wanted to show Rob that I dared to. They didn’t taste much but felt really strange when chewing on them. We got pretty full after a few more rounds of beef, but decided to ask wether we could try crocodile as well since we knew they had it at Carnivore and never tried before.


In my opinion, crocodile tastes like a mix between chicken and fish. Pretty cool to have tried, but not something I really have to have again. We decided to give up after finishing the crocodile and put out flag down – the waiter came over asking if it was broken or if we really were giving up.. I guess we didn’t eat as much as we thought?

Even after you give up on the meat there’s more food though, desert is also included in the menu. Luckily I have a special stomach designated for desert only though, so that’s ok 🙂 This was easily the largest lunch we had on our whole trip to Kenya, and probably the largest lunch I’ve had all year.



Saying Goodbye to Shanghai

It is now only a couple of days left of my year here in Shanghai. As school is over, I have spent my time enoying this awesome city and saying goodbye to the friends I have made here. Today the trip went to Qipulu (one of the markets) for one last round of shopping. We walked around for about 3 hours searching for bargains and haggling. I found some much needed shirts and two necklaces for myself, as well as some much needed shirts for Rob – it was all very reasonable and I think it should probably fit in my suitcase as well… I hope 😛

When everyone was simply too tired to carry on (Qipulu is enormous and after one year living here I still haven’t explored it all), we headed to Haidilao (a hot pot chain) for dinner. This chain is famous for it’s customer service, and today was no exeption – we got  tons of free snacks, we had about 2-3 waiters helping us cook everything and when I got out of the restroom there was a smiling lady offering me hand cream, hehe. I really love the food at Haidilao as well, really going to miss hot pot when I head back to Europe.


Tomorrow will be my last whole day here in Shanghai, but I have most of monday here as well, as my plane does not leave until after midnight. Tomorrow during the day Iman Irene and I will be cleaning the apartment, boring but has to be done. In the evening we are heading to Helen’s for dinner and drinks with our friends though so that will be pretty awesome 🙂

Korean BBQ

Close to my university there is a place that offers a really cheap and tasty Korean BBQ all you can eat.  I have actually never tried this before, so it was pretty exciting for me to go there. There is basicly a little grill inside of your table that you put whatever you want from the buffet on. I mostly grilled tons of meat marinated in some spicy sauce, really loved it – very full now though, haha. Im going to miss all the different choices Shanghai provides – you can basicly find all sorts of food from around the world on all price levels, awesomeness.


I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to blog lately, my internet has been fighting me on it and so has the Great Firewall of China – but I finally won and I am able to blog again.

Anyways not much new here, wanted to blog about our christmas dinner at the Pearl Tower a couple of days ago, which was actually pretty great, so here it goes.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the main attractions in Shanghai, but I had actually never been  up there before, as I have been dodging the long line outside of the ticket office. People have waited for as long as 2 hours to enter the tower apparently. A few days ago, however, the whole BI class here at Fudan wen’t to the restaurant in the middle “pearl” for our christmas dinner. The view was pretty amazing and the food was alright. It was a buffét, so everyone ate a lot. They even had a chocolate fountain which was by far the best part of the buffét in my opinion. After dinner we checked out the rest of the middle pearl, including the “glass tunnel”. This is basicly a glass platform that you can stand on – looking down on Shanghai. It is pretty amazing actually, the view was awesome and as I’m not particulary afraid of heights I didn’t mind the glass floor. A lot of wind up there though so I had to hold on to my dress so it wouldn’t blow away.

Home Delivery From Haidilao

Haidilao is a Hot Pot chain here in China that has a great reputation, especially when it comes to customer service. We even learned about this chain at school, so we wanted to go check it out for ourselves.  We invited a lot of our friends, and most of them said yes. Eventually we were about 14 people, so it was impossile to get a table. That was no problem at all though, as Haidilao also does delivery. When I got home from the store,  two guys with backpacks, gloves and shower caps were setting everything up for us. We got to borrow all sorts of stuff: chopsticks, aprons, the hot mot makers, etc etc. The food was amazing as well, hot pot basicly means you pick the ingredients yourself and boil them  in the hotpot maker which is on the table – we had tons of nice ingredients and sauces, everything was very tasty. Getting together with so many friends were nice as well, as always 🙂 Great dinner!

Dinner and Pool

Yesterday Irene, Cathrine and I had dinner with Jean (my speaking partner) and Jing (Irenes speaking partner). They took us to a Sichuan style restaurant close to Fudan. We tried several really delicious dishes, including fish, tofu and vegetables. Most of the foor was rather spicy, like sichuan food tends to be. It was great to see Jean and Jing again as well, with our finals and their midterms this was the first time we got together after the orientation race a few weeks ago. Really nice to have a speaking partner, especially since the chinese lessons provided by BI are below my level (not ment in a bad way at all, but they are beginners classes and I already studied for a year so the head of the BI liasion office gave me permission not to attend classes) . After dinner we took Jean and Jing to play some pool, they never tried it before, but they had a lot of fun and they learned quickly. Next week we want to invite them for dinner at our place, the plan is to try and make something really norwegian/western for them – any suggestions?  (keep in mind a lot of things are hard to get here in China)

Mexican Night

Last night after a rather long and hectic week, our lovely friend Katrine invited a bunch of us over for mexican dinner. This might seem pretty normal to people living in Norway or the rest of Europe – but it is actually quite hard to find what you need to make taco/fajitas here – you need to go buy the ingredients at Superbrand Mall and they are rather expensive compared to other food.  Katrines friend, Roald, came to Shanghai the day before yesterday bearing gifts though, and Katrine was nice enough to share with us.  Everybocy was pretty tired, so we all watched How I Met Your Mother, relaxed and ate. After dinner a few of us went to Helens,  nice to meet my friends from outside of school again as well, a lot of them were there. Today it is back to business, however, as I want to read all the material for HRM again before the final this tuesday. It is 9 chapters so that means I will try to read 3-4 chapters today and tomorrow, then read whatever is left and go over notes and stuff the day after tomorrow. Going to be great 😛 Have a nice weekend 🙂