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Is is still called homesick when you long for 3 different places all at the same time?

After living abroad for over 2 years now, it is not just my home country that I miss anymore. I miss China and Japan almost every day, allthough I miss Norway the most and I also enjoy living here in the Netherlands. I guess it’s the downside of being lucky enough to have lived in multiple countries.

Japan was my first meeting with Eastern Asia, and my frist time living abroad. I was fresh out of highschool and living out my dream together with about 20 other Norwegian exchange students.


Japan surprised me in many ways. There are parts of Japan that are actually not crowded, not overly modern and still really awesome. You most likely never even heard of the town I lived in, Togane. I still loved living there every day, and I learned so much from my stay there – about Japan, growing up and about myself. I have traveled back to Japan a few times already,and even met a few of the many friends I made there.I will never be able to recreate my time in Togane though, because most of the friends I made while living there are long gone by now. The Japanese students moved on to other parts of Japan, and the international students have either moved home or to somewhere else as well. There is actually absolutely no way to go back to the life I had there for a brief 5 months.

China was my second time living abroad, and the second country in Asia I ever went to. (it has pretty much been either nothing or everything for me in that part of the world hehe) At this stage I was a bit more grown up and a bit more used to traveling without my family.


I realised right away that we would be a lot more left to ourselves in China than I ever was in Japan.  We arranged more or less everything except school on our own, something that I also learned a lot from. The people I went here with were awesome in a completely different way than the people I went to Japan with. It was all a little bit less organized, for better for worse.  I fell in love with Shanghai, a city almost as diverse as its country, China. Wether you want to go shopping, relax in the park, experience old Chinese buildings or extremly modern skyscrapers – Shanghai is the place to go. For those of you that followed my blog for a while, you know that my stay there was also the reason I started to blog in the first place, and I did over a hundred posts on Shanghai and China in general.

After only 3 weeks home in Oslo, I started on my next adventure – life in the Netherlands with my boyfriend Rob. We were sick of doing long distance after a whole year on opposite sides of the world, and I decided that I might as well see how I liked it in his home country. I have started to build a new life for myself here with a fulltime job, new friends, Rob of course and my first pet ever, Morgan the hamster. Moving to the Netherlands almost felt like moving back home, as I am now in Europe again and not in the far east.

I am really happy to be here of course, but I also miss the places that I left behind every now and then. My home country, Norway is still the place that I miss the most though. My friends and family in Oslo are truly amazing for still being there for me, even after I moved away from them not once, but 3 times now. I miss them all the time, and wish there was a way to experience the whole world and still stay in touch with all the people I care about. Hopefully I will be able to find a good way to do this in the future, but it is becoming hard as some of the people I care about obviously is on the other side of the world by now.


Another random Saturday post


I realise that I have been very bad at blogging lately, and Im sorry. The thing is that there just isn’t that much going on in my life right now that I feel like blogging about. Like I mentioned earlier I got a new job in Amsterdam, which I am still in training for.  I like the job and the company a lot, but when I get home Im generally way too tired to do anything, because I’ve learned new things  all day (about aviation rules, customer service, the programs we use to book flights and so on). This week I got to take my first few phonecalls on my own, and it went surprisingly well 🙂 Of course I had people to ask for help when I needed it, and I belive all of my calls were being recorded and double checked so no need to worry – if I messed up they already fixed everything again, haha 😉

Other than that, it seems like it’s going to be a slow weekend with japanese take-out, movies and computer games so not much to report here – have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂

Roadtrip: Brussel

As Ludvig wanted to see Belgium as well while he was visisitng, and I wanted to see Brussel, Rob, Ludvig and I did a roadtrip there. Living in a small country has it’s perks – the drive was only about 2 hours each way 🙂

Our first stop in Brussels was the Atomium, which is basicly a tower that looks like giant atoms. I hadn’t really heard about it that much and thought it was more of a statue thing – so when I saw the size of it I was rather impressed.

Inside the tower/balls/whatever we first took escalators between the side balls to check out pictures from the Brussel Expo. To get to the top ball we had to go all the way down again and take the elevator. On the very top level (above the observatory as well) there is a restaurant where we had lunch. What I especially liked, besides the view of course, about the restaurant was that it had both a cheap and a fancy menu. This way everyone can enjoy a meal on top of the atomium 🙂 Our next stop was miniEurope. I was a little annoyed that Norway wasn’t in it while both Denmark and Sweden were – but I guess that is due to us not joining the union.  At least we found a miniNetherlands for Rob:

We also wanted to make it to the Parlamentarium, that advertise being open from 7 to 7 every day. When we got there at 4.30 pm however, two very angry security guards told us that they closed at 5 and the last entry was 30 minutes before closing hours – newsflash: 4.30 IS 30 minutes before 5!

I really wanted to see this place, as I am curious about the EU and how it is run – but if this is the service level to expect there, I guess we were better of not going. The parlament building did, however look pretty impressive.

Our last stop was the old town and the Grand Place. After getting lost for about 2 hours entering a rather bad part of town, we eventually found our way by taking the metro back to where we started and walking in the complete opposite direction.

The Old city, and especially the Grand Place was really impressive, and made up for the part we experienced when getting lost. We had dinner in one of the old buildings surrounding the Grand Place, including Brussel Waffles for dessert – yummy! 😀

Arriving in the Netherlands

A few days ago I moved in with Rob  here in Almere Haven, the Netherlands. I don’t think it has really hit me yet that I live here now, but I do like to be here so far 🙂 Rob was very sweet to me when I arrived, giving me flowers and making dinner – definitely a keeper that one ^^

My first weekend has been pretty social, saturday we had dinner with Rob’s dad, stephmother and sister and sunday we met up with his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend, had lunch and went to central Almere.  It is such a relief to see that dutch people eat more or less the same food as Norwegians and have more or less the same hobbies.  Going back to Oslo to visit won’t be hard either due to the short distance and low airfares. I don’t think living here will be a problem at all 🙂