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Baby Elephants!


Our first day in Kenya, Rob and I had the pleasure of visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Orphan Trust, also known as the Elephant Orphanage. Visiting the shelter was obviously a great experience for us as we got to see over 20 young elephants up close, but the shelter is mainly there for the animals and it has saved hundreds of orphaned elephants over the years.

As elephants actually take about as long as humans to grow up (they grow up at about 17!) , they are not able to survive without their mothers for the first few years of their lives. Sadly a lot of elephants are left orphaned, especially due to poaching – the mother is killed for her ivory and the baby left to die, terrible! :(The David Sheldrick Wildlife Orphan Trust started saving baby elephants already in 1952, and the project is still alive today – devoted to save these amazing animals.

We spent around one hour watching as the keepers fed the elephants, and told us the stories of how they saved them for various reasons, how they are doing now and so on. It was really great watching as the elephants played with each other and we got to pat and play with them whenever they got close to the rope we were standing behind.

It is also possible to adopt an elephant, donating a set amount to the shelter every month. You will then receive e-mails with updates about the elephant you select. You can find more information about how to do this, and about the shelter in general on the shelters offical website: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org.

And now, more pictures of the adorable elephants:




(Captain) Morgan

As mentioned in my last post, we did decide to get another hamster in the end, even if I am still sad about loosing Cupcake. When we went to look at hamsters in the petstore, the cage appeared empty at first, so we asked the lady that worked there if they had any hamsters left that wasn’t dwarf hamsters.She picked up the little house inside of the cage, and we expected a small hamster to come out – we were definitely in for a surprise.

Out came a hamster so large that I still don’t understand how he could even fit inside the house to begin with. At first I thought it had to be a mistake, that he was really a little guinea pig placed in the wrong cage or something.. after taking a closer look I did recognize the characteristics of a hamster, just much larger than on any other hamster I have seen. Rob instantly fell in love with the guy, while I was a little worried about the size of our hamster cage. In the end we did take him home though, and bought an addon workout room for the cage that we already had, so that we could  free more space on the cage floor itself (by removing the old wheel) as well as provide the hamster with a larger wheel to run in. We also had to get him a larger hamster house.

(yes he does understand how to enter the other room, it took him about 10 seconds to figure out)

We named the new hamster Morgan, after the character in Chuck and also after the rum. Morgan is an extremly active hamster who loves to climb the walls of his cage, crawl around in his tubes and on the outside of his tubes as well. The wheel in the workout room is also interesting, but it still doesn’t seem to beat a good climb up the wall.

Now for the hard part: leaving this adorable guy alone for a few days so he can get used to his new home 🙂