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Ocean Park

Our last day in Hong Kong we went to see Ocean Park. Ocean Park is a mixture between a zoo and an amusement park so it was plenty to do and see. For my mother and me, the day started with a so-called dolphin encounter. We got to go into the water in wading suits and pat the dolphins, feed them and take pictures with them. It was a really cool experience and we got to learn a lot about the dolphins as well before meeting them.
Later on me and my brother took some of the bigger rides while my parents took my sister to the smaller ones. The newest roller-coaster was pretty great, it is on the edge of the mountain so that you almost feel as if you are falling down.
We all met up after a few hours to look at the pandas. Ocean Park has 4 pandas and although they were inside their shelters, they had placed cameras inside so we could still see them – really cute 🙂
Before we left we also got to see a pretty nice water-show. They used music, light, fire and water to tell the story about two dragons.
After the show it was time for me to get to catch my plane to the Netherlands,  Hong Kong was pretty awesome, I definitely want to go back sometime.