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Edinburgh Castle

Located on a hill overlooking the whole city, Edinburgh Castle is worth a visit both for the amazing view and of course to see the castle itself. Rob and I went there our last day in Scotland and we had a great time. This was the one day we had in Scotland with warm weather and sun the entire time, so the light was real nice 🙂

The castle itself is obiously awesome, but there’s also several small exhibitions you can visit – we did the war memorial, the crown jewels of Scotland and the Dragoon Squad, but there are many more as well. Leading up to the castle itself is the Royal Mile, which is a street filled with old buildings, restaurants, cafĂ©s and restaurants. We had a drink there before heading to the airport.

We had a great weekend in Scotland, would love to go back sometime.


Artur’s Seat, Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, there is a small area of hills located in the middle of the city including Arhur’s Seat. Rob and I decided to climb this one on our first morning in Edinburgh, to get an overview of the city. According to various sites on the internet, the hike is only about 30 minutes – I guess we must have gone the wrong way up and then also down again then, cause the shortest route we could find was an hour and the hike up actually took us about 2. We didnt plan for a hike this long, so we didnt have sufficient water, etc. The hike was beautiful though, and the view was amazing from the top. We could see the whole city from up there as well as hills in the distance. The view was nice on all sides of the top so that’s great. When we finally made it down again and found somewhere to buy drinks they tasted that much better, hehe.

Arthur’s seat is definitely reccomended – just bring enough water 🙂