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Kamakura is a town about an hour by train from central Tokyo. Kamakura is famous for it’s temples, hiking trails and a huge Budha statue. Rob and I decided to go hiking as well as check out the Budha statue.  We started out with the Gionyama Hiking Course. This hike takes about 30 minutes and connects Myohonji Temple, Yagumo Shrine and the Harakiri Yagura. It actually took us a while to find the hiking trail, and Im still not sure if we had been able to find it on our own – luckily a local guy showed up and followed us to the middle of the trail, wishing us good luck ( I love Japanese people!).  It was still pretty early and the sunlight shining thorough the treetops was really beautiful.

After only about 20 minutes of hiking and a short stop to climb a tree, we made it to a view point. We looked down on Kamakura, the woods and the sea – really beautiful and absolutely worth the slow hike!

After lunch we headed to the huge Budha statue. The size as well as the details was pretty impressive and the buildings around the actual statue were nice as well. We could see several Japanese praying to the Budha.

As we were already close to the Daibutsu Hiking Course, we decided to do this course as well. This was a slightly longer hike and it took us about an hour to reach the view point. The end of the hike was somehow in a neighborhood filled with houses, fences etc blocking the view and we were wondering if the hike was worth it at all. Then we walked past a few more houses and this view met us:

We decided it was definitely worth the hike after all. After we had walked around for a little while looking at some more temples and statues it was getting dark. Luckily we ran into a sign pointing the way to Kamakura JR station along lit roads. We took the train back to Tokyo around 6 in the evening, but somehow it felt a lot later since it got dark early and we had been walking most of the day. Kamakura has a lot of old culture such as statues, shrines and temples – not to mention the beautiful nature. Definitely worth a visit!