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Zhongshan Park

Summer is here, and today me and the girls went down to the park to enjoy it. Zhongshan park is pretty large, and as today was a  sunday it was really crowded as well. It impresses me how spontanious Chinese people can be. There were people dancing, flying kites, singing, playing in bands, drawing caligraphy or just relaxing on the grass. There was beautiful flowers everywhere, a little lake with boats, a cave and so on – really a nice place for a sunday walk.  We even found cherry blossoms! 🙂 Shanghai might not have much of a spring, but summer sure came fast.



Nara is a city known for its temples, nature areas and deer walking around everywhere. As the city is only about an hour from Kyoto by train, Rob and I decided to make it a daytrip.  First we went to the largest wooden building in the world – Todaiji. This is in my opinion one of the most impressive buildings in the world, and on the inside there is a huge budha statue. Walking towards the temple we saw tons of deer already, and I decided it would be nice to feed them, so I got a package of deerfood. All of a sudden all of the deer on the street (which turned out to be a lot of deer!) came running towards me wanting food. Somehow I thought only a few of them would notice, but Im guessing feeding them is less scary on more crowded days.  I felt as if I was under attack, as the deer kept biting my jacket, my legs and so on.

Our next stop was Nara park, a huge area of wood with several smaller temples inside. As we entered the park, we saw this sign featuring all of the deer’s special attacks:

The biting at least, I can definitely confirm. The park was beautiful, and we saw some more peaceful deer as well as a smaller temple. The forest was nice too, and as this was a grey day it was rather empty so quiet and peaceful. When staying in Kyoto, Nara is definitely worth a visit  🙂