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Roadtrip: Brussel

As Ludvig wanted to see Belgium as well while he was visisitng, and I wanted to see Brussel, Rob, Ludvig and I did a roadtrip there. Living in a small country has it’s perks – the drive was only about 2 hours each way 🙂

Our first stop in Brussels was the Atomium, which is basicly a tower that looks like giant atoms. I hadn’t really heard about it that much and thought it was more of a statue thing – so when I saw the size of it I was rather impressed.

Inside the tower/balls/whatever we first took escalators between the side balls to check out pictures from the Brussel Expo. To get to the top ball we had to go all the way down again and take the elevator. On the very top level (above the observatory as well) there is a restaurant where we had lunch. What I especially liked, besides the view of course, about the restaurant was that it had both a cheap and a fancy menu. This way everyone can enjoy a meal on top of the atomium 🙂 Our next stop was miniEurope. I was a little annoyed that Norway wasn’t in it while both Denmark and Sweden were – but I guess that is due to us not joining the union.  At least we found a miniNetherlands for Rob:

We also wanted to make it to the Parlamentarium, that advertise being open from 7 to 7 every day. When we got there at 4.30 pm however, two very angry security guards told us that they closed at 5 and the last entry was 30 minutes before closing hours – newsflash: 4.30 IS 30 minutes before 5!

I really wanted to see this place, as I am curious about the EU and how it is run – but if this is the service level to expect there, I guess we were better of not going. The parlament building did, however look pretty impressive.

Our last stop was the old town and the Grand Place. After getting lost for about 2 hours entering a rather bad part of town, we eventually found our way by taking the metro back to where we started and walking in the complete opposite direction.

The Old city, and especially the Grand Place was really impressive, and made up for the part we experienced when getting lost. We had dinner in one of the old buildings surrounding the Grand Place, including Brussel Waffles for dessert – yummy! 😀


Roadtrip to Germany

As my parents are driving through Europe on vacation these days, they offered to bring some of my things that I didn’t want to risk sending or bring on a plane. Rob and I decided to make it a day, and left early so we would have time to visit Movie Park Germany as well. We made it to Germany real early, but when we got there a traffic jam nightmare kept us on the road 2 hours longer than planned. I really thought Autobahn would be so awesome.. guess not. We did make it to Movie Park in the end though, and it was a pretty good amusement park 🙂

We only had 4 hours in Movie Park due to the traffic jam, but we did manage to take quite a few rides. They had a really big wooden rollercoaster as well as a flying rollercoaster (where you sit under the track) as well as an indoor one that we really liked, among other things, named after various movies. When the park closed we headed over to Dortmund to meet up with my parents. They were staying with some friends, and we all had icecream together before loading my electrical piano, some pictures, kitchen things and so on, from my dad’s car over to Rob’s. There was a few terrifying seconds where we didn’t think the piano would fit, but in the end we managed 🙂

On the way home there was no traffic jam luckily, and we made it home before it got too late.