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About to leave

In about 5 hours I am heading to Pudong International airport, Quatar and finally: Oslo. Since my plane leaves so late, I decided to head over to Xintiandi for lunch with Iman Irene. The weather was really nice and after lunch we decided to walk to Peoples Square, through Peoples Park. The park looked absolutely beautiful today, as there was a lot of flowers blooming. After a quick trip to Raffles City we took the subway home. A random guy I don’t know said I was “beautiful as Snow White” and tried to hit on me. In the end I had to push him away from me and walk away – the whole subway was on my side and sent him angry glares, so that made him back off. Now I am back in the apartment, packing the very last things.

I really hope that my suitcase won’t weigh more than the maximum 30 kilos, I had to sit on it to even close it.. but mostly theres just clothes in it really, so I think it should be ok. The next time I blog I will hopefully be back in Oslo again 🙂



Saying Goodbye to Shanghai

It is now only a couple of days left of my year here in Shanghai. As school is over, I have spent my time enoying this awesome city and saying goodbye to the friends I have made here. Today the trip went to Qipulu (one of the markets) for one last round of shopping. We walked around for about 3 hours searching for bargains and haggling. I found some much needed shirts and two necklaces for myself, as well as some much needed shirts for Rob – it was all very reasonable and I think it should probably fit in my suitcase as well… I hope 😛

When everyone was simply too tired to carry on (Qipulu is enormous and after one year living here I still haven’t explored it all), we headed to Haidilao (a hot pot chain) for dinner. This chain is famous for it’s customer service, and today was no exeption – we got  tons of free snacks, we had about 2-3 waiters helping us cook everything and when I got out of the restroom there was a smiling lady offering me hand cream, hehe. I really love the food at Haidilao as well, really going to miss hot pot when I head back to Europe.


Tomorrow will be my last whole day here in Shanghai, but I have most of monday here as well, as my plane does not leave until after midnight. Tomorrow during the day Iman Irene and I will be cleaning the apartment, boring but has to be done. In the evening we are heading to Helen’s for dinner and drinks with our friends though so that will be pretty awesome 🙂

Graduation Day

Yesterday the last day of school finally arrived. To me this was my dissertation as well as the graduation ceremony and dinner. We all showed up at school around 9 in the morning, to listen to the last 5 bachelor group presentations (including mine). I have to admit I was more nervous than I have been for any presentation ever before. I think we did alright though, at least my classmates told me our presentation was good so that has to count for something. Iman Irene and I were both extremly relifed and happy after our presentation (we took this picture directly after)

After all of the groups were finished we had a 2 hours lunch break. Then it was time to put on our graduation gowns and head over to take a group picture in front of the Nordic centre. We all also took this time to take pictures of ourself, our friends and our bachelor groups in our gowns. I got a lot of nice ones, including these:

(trying on my gown)

(A group picture with some crazy Asian students)

(My Bachelor thesis group – Iman Irene, Cathrine Waleria and me)

(throwing my hat)

After we had all gotten the pictures we wanted, it was time to head back to the classroom for our graduation ceremony. We got our diplomas from the head of BI liasion office and the head of the International department at Fudan.

(thank you Irene for taking my picture for me)

In the evening we headed to Shanghai Memory for our graduation dinner. We were all pretty tired by now, but we did enjoy the buffet and there was a few nice toasts. I guess I am now oficially an international marketer – or am I really just oficially unemployed? I’ll choose the positive one and say International Marketer 🙂

Now all that is left of my stay here in China is to say my goodbyes, clean out the apartment and enjoy Shanghai while I still can. Back in Norway in less than a week now.

My may 17th

Hi guys, I hope all my fellow Norwegians had an awesome may 17th. The plan was to blog about mine yesterday and wish you all a happy constitution day – but I couldn’t get in to WordPress. While I did not join any traditional Norwegian celebrations this year, the girls and I did celebrate a bit on our own. We started the day with a trip to Gongqing Forest Park, located a bit outside of central Shanghai. The weather was really warm, around 30 degrees, and the park was beautiful. In addition to beautiful scenery, Gonqing Forest Park also offers various rides, such as go carts, bob carts, a rollercoaster, boats for rent and so on. We walked around for about 3 hours and tried out a few of the rides, I especially enjoyed the bob carts.

After a couple of quick stops to change for the evening, we headed to a brasilian bbq for dinner. We had the buffet and the food was pretty amazing, so all in all it was a great dinner 🙂

The last stop was Barbarossa, a bar and restaurant located in People’s Park, for some live music. The band was playing soul, reggae and even some rap music, all really good. May 17th in China was, in other words, pretty amazing 🙂


Korean BBQ

Close to my university there is a place that offers a really cheap and tasty Korean BBQ all you can eat.  I have actually never tried this before, so it was pretty exciting for me to go there. There is basicly a little grill inside of your table that you put whatever you want from the buffet on. I mostly grilled tons of meat marinated in some spicy sauce, really loved it – very full now though, haha. Im going to miss all the different choices Shanghai provides – you can basicly find all sorts of food from around the world on all price levels, awesomeness.

Zhongshan Park

Summer is here, and today me and the girls went down to the park to enjoy it. Zhongshan park is pretty large, and as today was a  sunday it was really crowded as well. It impresses me how spontanious Chinese people can be. There were people dancing, flying kites, singing, playing in bands, drawing caligraphy or just relaxing on the grass. There was beautiful flowers everywhere, a little lake with boats, a cave and so on – really a nice place for a sunday walk.  We even found cherry blossoms! 🙂 Shanghai might not have much of a spring, but summer sure came fast.


In Shanghai you can buy more or less anything on the street. Food, clothes, books, pencils, notebooks, kitchen appliances, electronics, bikes and even underwear – I’ve seen them all sold on the streets of Shanghai. Streetshopping is extremly cheap, and quite convinient as well. Especially buying breakfast even cheaper than it would have been to eat at home is really awesome. Dinner is really great as well, and its nice to be able to buy a pen or a notebook on the street if you forgot to bring one to school. I do feel sorry for the pets that are being sold on the streets though, their cages are way too small.