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Saying Goodbye to Shanghai

It is now only a couple of days left of my year here in Shanghai. As school is over, I have spent my time enoying this awesome city and saying goodbye to the friends I have made here. Today the trip went to Qipulu (one of the markets) for one last round of shopping. We walked around for about 3 hours searching for bargains and haggling. I found some much needed shirts and two necklaces for myself, as well as some much needed shirts for Rob – it was all very reasonable and I think it should probably fit in my suitcase as well… I hope 😛

When everyone was simply too tired to carry on (Qipulu is enormous and after one year living here I still haven’t explored it all), we headed to Haidilao (a hot pot chain) for dinner. This chain is famous for it’s customer service, and today was no exeption – we got  tons of free snacks, we had about 2-3 waiters helping us cook everything and when I got out of the restroom there was a smiling lady offering me hand cream, hehe. I really love the food at Haidilao as well, really going to miss hot pot when I head back to Europe.


Tomorrow will be my last whole day here in Shanghai, but I have most of monday here as well, as my plane does not leave until after midnight. Tomorrow during the day Iman Irene and I will be cleaning the apartment, boring but has to be done. In the evening we are heading to Helen’s for dinner and drinks with our friends though so that will be pretty awesome 🙂



In Shanghai you can buy more or less anything on the street. Food, clothes, books, pencils, notebooks, kitchen appliances, electronics, bikes and even underwear – I’ve seen them all sold on the streets of Shanghai. Streetshopping is extremly cheap, and quite convinient as well. Especially buying breakfast even cheaper than it would have been to eat at home is really awesome. Dinner is really great as well, and its nice to be able to buy a pen or a notebook on the street if you forgot to bring one to school. I do feel sorry for the pets that are being sold on the streets though, their cages are way too small.