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Roppongi Hills

When I was living in Japan, I generally saw Roppongi as a club district. As it turns out Rob wanted to go to Roppongi to see something completly different from what I have associated the area with – a giant spider statue and Tokyo Sky View.  The spider statue was pretty impressive, and as we went to see it by night it almost looked a little scary. Some of my friends have told me it looks as if Im in an alien movie on the picture above. Close to the spider is Tokyo Sky view. This place offers a view possibly even better than the one from Tokyo tower, because you cant see Tokyo tower from Tokyo tower 🙂 Another really cool feature is the sky deck. You get to go on top of the building, as long as you leave your belongings (excluding your camera) behind. Here are some of my best pictures from Tokyo sky view:

(Rob and me on the sky deck)

(Tokyo Tower from a distance)


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a must when visiting Tokyo (at least until the Sky Tree is finished). It looks like a red version of the Eifel Tower, but it is apparently 5 meters taller.  We went there together with one of my best friends in Japan – Azusa. We hav known each other since she studied in Norway in 2006. It was awesome to meet with her again 🙂

It was a clear evening, so the view was as amazing as ever. You can see all the way to Yokohama from the top, but it is still city all the way in every directions. The Tokyo area sure is big! I absolutely loved the view, and I got to try out a few of my new camera’s function as a photographed it. Here are a couple of the pictures:

(long shutter time)

(vivid colors)


One of the most popular temple districts in Tokyo, Asakusa is located within the city centre. It annoyed us a little that we were unable to use our JR passes all the way there, but finding the place is easy enough as it has it’s own metro line. The temples and also the surrounding sales boths are all in red and white, making the actual temple area seem even larger than it actually is.  I don’t know if it had anything to do with us going on a Sunday or not, but the area was pretty crowded. From Asakusa it is also easy to see the new tower that is being built in Tokyo, the Tokyo Sky tree. Sadly, it is not possible to enter this amazing building yet, but it does look pretty cool from the outside as well. Guess this is my excuse to go back soon 😉


The Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine is located right next to the Harajuku shopping district, proving that you can literally find the old and the modern Japanese culture right next to each other. Around the temple is a huge forest park, featuring big temple gates and beautiful trees. We also saw barrels of sake and wine on display as we headed for the main shrine. As we went on a Sunday, we were lucky enough to see a traditional Japanese wedding. Both the groom and the bride was wearing traditional Japanese wedding clothes, completely different from western ones except that the brides dress is white. All the tourists (including me) stalked the wedding as they walked out of the main shrine – it really looked quite impressive 🙂

Harajuku and Akihabara

My second day in Japan started with picking Rob up at the airport. It hadn’t been that long, but it was still awesome to see him again. After leaving our luggage at the hotel we headed to Harajuku, a pretty awesome shopping district.

As it was Saturday we saw quite a few girls dressed in the pretty special, but super cute Lolita style and also a few dressed in kimonos. Although we didn’t really buy any clothes simply watching the people that goes shopping here is an experience in itself. The crepe stands are really good as well, you can get anything from a pizza or salad crepe to the more normal strawberries and cream.
After a few hours we went back to the hotel so we could check in. Rob insisted he had to freshen up a bit, sounded a little out of character but I decided to respect it. As it turned out Rob had a really cool surprise for me – a new camera! ^^ He had looked into what compact camera to get on several websites beforehand to make sure it was the best one, nothing like my usual “oh look its blue – I’ll take it!”. All of a sudden him wanting to go back to the hotel made sense to me – he wanted better pictures!
By now it was getting a little late, but we decided to check out Akihabara as well before calling it a day.

This is the electrical center of Tokyo and you can find more or less any electrical device here, as well as tons of games, manga magazines and arcades. We looked around a bit before heading to a 7 floors arcade – found my favorite arcade game as well – Daiko no tatsujin (Japanese drum game), awesome day ^^

Back to Tokyo

Hey guys Im sorry that I didn’t blog for a while – I have been traveling again. This time to Japan (were I still am at the moment).  I used to study in Japan a few years back, so that’s why the post is called back to Tokyo ^^

When my Chinese new years vacation began I headed to Japan with Rob. Our first stop was Tokyo and I was looking so much forward to going back that I almost felt a little sick on the plane. As Rob didn’t arrive until one day after me, I used the first day on just looking around a bit before having to do some school work. We stayed in Higashishinjuku close to everything we needed and more – including the subway, a 24 hours convinience store, a mcDonals, etc etc 🙂 most of the sights within Tokyo was very doable from there as well. The rooms were tiny, but had everything needed as well so no biggie really. I had to laugh a little when I saw the users  manual for the toilet:

Yeah, first day was a little boring but just wait for the rest ^^