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Our final day in Guilin

Our final day in Guilin, we started out by going to the Yao Mountain – the highest mountain in Guilin.  To reach the top we took the 1.4 km long ropeway. The ropeway is quite convinient and you get an even better view than you would have  if you went up on foot as the ropeway is higher than the trees most of the time.  Not everybody was too happy with the ropeway though, my mother is terrified of heights so I think she really got to push her limits doing this.  At the top of the ropeway there are golden budha statues and, of course a great view.  When going down from the mountains we took the ropeway halw way down and then for the rest we took bobs, the bobs could go pretty fast and we all had a lot of fun taking them.

Our next stop was the Reed Flute Cave, a great place to look at limestone cave formations. The formations are enchanced by multicolored lights, making the cave even more beautiful. We walked around inside of the cave for quite some time as it is rather big, some of the formations looked like animals, some like trees and one they even said looked like Guilin:

As you can see on the picture, this cave is definitely worth a visit and so is Guilin. This was our last day traveling in mainland China so my next entry will be about Hong Kong 🙂