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Roppongi Hills

When I was living in Japan, I generally saw Roppongi as a club district. As it turns out Rob wanted to go to Roppongi to see something completly different from what I have associated the area with – a giant spider statue and Tokyo Sky View.  The spider statue was pretty impressive, and as we went to see it by night it almost looked a little scary. Some of my friends have told me it looks as if Im in an alien movie on the picture above. Close to the spider is Tokyo Sky view. This place offers a view possibly even better than the one from Tokyo tower, because you cant see Tokyo tower from Tokyo tower 🙂 Another really cool feature is the sky deck. You get to go on top of the building, as long as you leave your belongings (excluding your camera) behind. Here are some of my best pictures from Tokyo sky view:

(Rob and me on the sky deck)

(Tokyo Tower from a distance)