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Visiting the Netherlands

After leaving Hong Kong, I went directly to the Netherlands to visit Rob. I had really missed him even if it had only been 3 weeks since we last met. Being in a distance relationship is hard, but I know we can do it 🙂
It was rather strange for me to go back to Europe again after 5 months in China. All of a sudden everybody looked like me again, and people didn’t stare. I felt as if I had more space again as well somehow.
I only had a few days in the Netherlands, but I had a great time. Utrecht, Rob’s hometown is really nice. The canals are really nice and I really like the buildings too. While I was there we went to the Heineken experience in Amsterdam as well and we drove to an ice-skating range, but it was closed because of really strong winds. Driving around was nice as well though, everything is really flat and you see a lot of windmills (surprise surprise).
We also did a road-trip to Belgium and a city called Antwerpen. I had never been to Belgium before, so it was pretty cool to be able to just drive there in a few hours. Antwerpen was pretty nice even if we just had some hours there. We saw the central station and the main street, but those were awesome 🙂 We also had chocolate and Belgian waffles – yummy ^^

I had a great time in the Netherlands ^^