New url

So guys, I have finally decided to move my entire blog over to wordpress after yet another friend told me it was way better – the blog got a new look as well, hope you like it 🙂 Some of the older posts will most likely be looking kind of weird now with the pictures on the same line as the text, tried to fix a few of them, but I won’t be able to fix them all – so Im sorry about that, working on it but it will take me a while.

While Im writing anyways I’ll tell you about my day as well:
Today was a superlong day at school. We got a day off because of the tyfoon Muifa earlier, so they decided we should make up for it by having chinese class two afternoons in addition to the lessons we already have. This ment 6 hours in a row of chinese, learned a lot but I felt kind of dead afterwards.. there are so many new words and characters Im supposed to know now it’s making me dizzy. In the evening I had a craving for pasta bolognese.. took me a while to find a tomato sauce I wanted to use, and the cheese was hard to find as well, but in the end I got everything and made almost the same sauce as I normally make at home – turned out pretty good actually,yay!


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